Back on schedule

J is back and we went to lift weights at the usual time. I did a tough set of upper body lifts and I am betting that I’ll be sore tomorrow.

I also tried to jump rope for the first time in many years. The gym had several ropes hanging on the wall, so I grabbed one (they were all the same length). The ropes seemed really short? They were the whippy plastic rope kind. Maybe I need to just jump higher; it kept catching on my feet. Or I could be out of practice…

I’m planning on going for a run tomorrow, but I hope my feet are okay. I got a new pair of boots and am trying to break them in, so my heels are kinda chewed up and my toes are blistered. I have another pair of shoes here, but the more I wear the boots the faster they’ll be comfortable. Oh, the things I do for fashion (I don’t do much, really).

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