Jinxed joints

Back to the weight room today. It was a Legs Day, and that always seems to eat up a lot of time. I don’t feel like I did a lot of lifts, but I still ran late.
My joints have been feeling sort of odd lately, sore around the edges. My arm rotator cuffs are tender. Where my triceps attaches near my elbow is twingey (sort of an extended ‘funny bone’ feeling) and I feel like something’s pulling on my kneecap. I foam rollered my legs carefully and found a big knot in my left quad right above my knee, along with general IT band tightness. And have I mentioned my hips are tight too? I’m not sure why everything feels wonky– I’ve not done a whole lot this week, so there’s no reason for all this soreness.

Roll it out, stretch it out, hope for the best.

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