Topographic awareness

My quad is feeling better after a weekend of tennis balls and Tiger Balm so I headed out for a run today.  I want to get my mileage back up, so I set out to do 3.5 miles.  And I did, and it wasn’t great– but it’s done.

The terrain around here is variable, ranging from long, rolling hills to big dips down to creek beds and back up.  Edge-of-foothills stuff.  When I’m driving around I never really register the terrain as changeable, unless I stop in my manual car headed up a hill.  But when I’m running I am intensely aware of when I’m running uphill– even a small grade is obvious.  Luckily, so is downhill!

Yesterday we had tacos for dinner.  (Taco-graphic awareness? Groan.)  I love tacos, and I ate several.  They might be a Sparklefood for me– you know, those amazing foods that can bypass my ‘I’m full’ sense– but I like them a lot and eat them rarely so whatever!  Om nom tacos!

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