More, heavier

Slightly abbreviated and augmented upper body lifting day today. I managed 2 sets of 10 at 100lb for bench press; previously I’d done something like 2 sets of 7 at 105lb. I’m not sure if it’s better to do less, heavier; or better to do more, a little lighter. Hopefully soon I’ll be doing more, heavier…

I capped off the lifting with 15 minutes on the rowing machine. I wanted to get some cardio in, and figured it fit well with my upper body focus so I cranked away on that for a while. It got me sweaty but wasn’t super hard at a 2:16 pace. My weak point was my hips; they got really sore towards the end. I like rowing, though I’d never cut it as a rower, since I’m pretty strong but heavy. I would like to improve my form a little, however!

I hear that, thanks to Crossfit, there is some controversy over whether people who lift should wear gloves or not. (This is at the front of my mind today, since rowing has left me with blistered palms.) I wear gloves. My palms sweat so I like the extra grip. Plus, I do other things with my hands– play piano, paint, sew– so I prefer to keep them somewhat soft and uncallused. But like many things it’s down to personal preference.

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