Piling it on

Very good lifting day today! I lifted All The Things and wore myself out to the point of minor clumsiness (not the best result, but so it goes). Bucket list of lifts:

Bicep curl, pec fly, SKULL CRUSHERS (heh), bent-over row, bench press, upright row, good mornings, squats, deadlifts, mountain climbers, crunches, planks. Plus some quality time with the rowing machine.

It was a lot of stuff, and I’m going to add to it by trying a new yoga class this evening, I think. I spoke with someone that attends it regularly and he likes it a lot, so maybe I will too. However, my workout clothes are still damp and kind of smelly so hopefully that’s not a problem! I’m airing them out in my cube right now (sorry cube neighbors).

I go to the gym where I work, and shower afterwards so I commute in in an unwashed state (though my clothes are clean, and I manage to brush my teeth and usually brush my hair). So, I have a very strong systematic motivator to exercise: so I can shower! I enjoy showers, too. See, there’s another carrot for me. :)

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