Monday’s Manifesto

It seems like it’s been a while! It hasn’t really, I guess; I doubled up on Thursday, was sore as heck and skipped my run on Friday, and took the weekend off as usual.  Today I got out for an average 35 minute run.  It’s muggy outside and I’m definitely not used to it– I need time to acclimate before summer arrives or I’m going to keel over!  I was so drippy.  But most of my tired was cardio tired, the oh-dang-it’s-hot-and-this-is-a-big-hill tired not muscles hurting tired.

I need to do laundry and my only workout pants remaining were capri tights.  They’re not my favorite (I feel pretty exposed in them) but I put them on and headed out.  Further complicating matters, I left just when a bunch of high school kids were walking around so I got some odd looks from them and I did hear a girl giggling as I passed her (though others were perfectly polite).  For the most part, though, I armor myself up pretty well– headphones mean I hear very little, and sunglasses mean I can ignore most nonsense.  The things we do to survive out there…

While I’m here, I just wanted to remind my readers once again that:

  1. This is not a weight loss blog; I am not seeking to lose weight and my weight has been stable for some time (which is pretty cool)
  2. My personal fitness goals are to get stronger, faster, more flexible, and have more endurance
  3. Each of us has responsibility for our own bodies, whatever that means for us
  4. I do not support a system of oppression that tells us our bodies need to look a certain way and that we can only achieve “health” with thinness

That said, I am trying to document my own journey here, and maybe share some experiences and encouragement and find like-minded folks to talk with about it!

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