Super strong!

My lifts felt easier today and I think it’s time to bump up the weight on a few of them. This is fantastic! I haven’t had a bump since I came back to lifting, after the 5k. I feel very happy to catch up and to be making progress again.

Bench press was up to 115 and I managed a set of 5 (only just) before dropping the weight back down to 105 and doing 10 more. For squats, I did a set of 10 (the second set) at 85, and it wasn’t too bad at all– maybe on Thursday I’ll try 90 or 95 and see how it goes. And I need to investigate how to strap for deadlifts– I know I can lift more but my wrists and hands don’t cooperate.

I finished off everything with 15 minutes on the rowing machine. Unfortunately I didn’t improve on my pace from last time, but I was close to it at least. It’s such hard work! I nearly quit after 10 minutes, but hung in there.

Just after I finished stretching, the building alarm went off for an evacuation drill. So my drippy self, unshowered and clad in gym clothes, had to go stand with my coworkers outside. Sorry everyone! Good timing…

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4 Responses to Super strong!

  1. Congrats on your process. Since I started blogging, I have been more motivated to get back in shape than ever. I am already starting to see the results. Thanks for the post and the extra motivation I need to push myself today. Best of luck with everything.

  2. jets51 says:

    good work, I’m also trying to get back into shape and blogging about it. keep us all updated on your progress.

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