End of the line

Since I had a short day today, I decided to start work early, wrap up early, and go for a long long walk in the woods.  I’m sore from yesterday’s exertion (but less so than I was Friday last week– adaptation!) so no running.  I headed out to my local trail and hiked for an hour and a half, and came out of the woods feeling much improved.  I would’ve gone farther, but it’s been rainy and this happened:


Going out into the woods alone probably isn’t the best idea.  It’s not isolated really– the park is a a mile-or-so-wide strip between roads– but there’s hardly anyone back there.  I always tell partner when I head out, but I didn’t tell him I took one of his folding knives with me.  It’s a handy thing to have out there, anyway.

Yoga yesterday was good but very challenging.  I like the teacher, and she introduces a lot of things I’ve never seen before (I’m not new to yoga, but neither have I seen it all).  Yesterday we had a brand new beginner in the class, so it was useful to see how she handled guiding the newbie through some of the complicated variations.  The practice was physically challenging for me, since I’d worked my muscles hard in the morning and they weren’t really up to holding hard poses for long periods of time.  But I made it through, and gave myself grace to drop out of poses early.

Lots of things hurt during the practice.  My hips– the time spent in triangle and revolved triangle felt like an eternity.  Tree pose felt like red hot pokers in my arches (probably aggravated by the fact that my tired hips weren’t working well to keep balance).  Even down dog was hard on my weary shoulders and I struggled to stay in the pose.

One more picture from today:


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