Doing more

It’s a bit cooler today (if still very sticky) and I decided to load up a long run and headed out for a rather slow 50 minutes of puttering around the neighborhood.  Nothing very exciting happened, but I covered a lot of ground (and collected some zombie-defense supplies, of course).

My partner and I are trying to put together our summer vacation plans and more or less I want to do everything! Meanwhile he’s like “errr I dunno?”  This makes planning difficult.  Mostly we’re trying to stick to places with water, since by then we should have our kayaks and I’d like to break them in!

I think I’m driving my partner a little nuts, actually.  It’s hard for me to sit still.  The other day we were waiting for something and I was pacing around and finally he just said “STOP, RELAX” and I said “It’s easier for me to relax when I’m MOVING” which is sort of a bizarre thing, isn’t it?  I’m pretty sure that if I was ever to do a meditation retreat, one of those things where you sit and consider the universe all day, I would simply explode into a cloud of glitter.  Maybe moving meditation is more my style.

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One Response to Doing more

  1. Tori says:

    I’ve gone to my local sangha (meditation and mindfuness community) before. For me, walking meditation is so much easier it’s not even funny. (Which, I realize, maybe means I need to sit more.)

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