Singing in the gym

Today was a fun Big Lifting day. J was back at the gym with me, so I had a spot and battled through a set of 8 and a set of 5 bench presses at 115lb, plus 2×10 each of squats at 105lb and deadlifts at 115lb. (No straps needed for the deadlifts! My hands seem to be adjusting.) I got a good assortment of dumbbell and other stuff in also, and a side of core work– weighted crunches and mountain climbers on a ball. The core stuff was hard! It’s been a while since I had sore abs, but maybe this will do it.

There was a fun soundtrack at the gym today– Toto’s Africa, some Chicago, even Total Eclipse of the Heart. I was singing along but it’s hard to sing when you’re lifting so it wasn’t exactly belting, it was more like sing/humming. Not that I would want to sing loudly in the gym anyway! (In the car, though: yes, absolutely.)

I’ve been trying to track what I eat a little bit, just to get some kind of ballpark baseline and see if there’s any place to make changes. However, my diet seems to be very susceptible to the observer effect– the act of observing it changes it. Mostly I just feel the pressure to eat less and eat different things. (Anything that needs to be measured is a pain– it’s easier to eat a package of something with nutrition information on it, than something I make and measure and subdivide myself into servings.) It feels like a throwback to old dieting behavior, and I can’t say I like it.

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2 Responses to Singing in the gym

  1. I LOVE singing when lifting, it’s all part of the mindset. At the moment it’s mostly (very) soft metal i.e. Faith No More etc but I am building an 80s playlist….now just to get it past the owner of the gym….

    Great work on the strapless deadlifts.

    • G says:


      Do you listen to music in headphones while you lift, or is your music on the gym speakers? I worry about the wires getting all up in my biz.

      Today they had 70s rock on, but I was running so I didn’t stick around to hear it.

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