Solid as a rock

I set aside a chunk of time to go run around my work neighborhood this morning, and covered 3 miles and some change in 40 minutes. Mostly, though, I’m excited that I did it with no walk breaks and negative splits (the last mile was actually my fastest, though it was still slow). For some reason, it’s much easier to pace myself here than when I run around my home; I think the hills are milder?

I bought a new tech shirt from Old Navy; it was on sale and I thought I’d give it a try. It was supremely unflattering, but worked mostly okay– except that it has mesh inserts around the armpits and upper back, and while most of the shirt doesn’t get soggy the mesh part does. So my armpits felt very wet. Probably not something to wear in cold weather, ever.

I was expecting a lot of DOMS today, but it hasn’t really kicked in. My arm sockets are sore, and my midback, and my hamstrings. Which wasn’t really what I was targeting at all (well, hamstrings ~ deadlifts) so I’m kind of surprised.

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2 Responses to Solid as a rock

  1. Nice job on your run! :)

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