The weather this morning was uncooperative for running outside (tropical storm will do that) and so I hopped on the treadmill. It’s official: I hate the treadmill. I have no idea how I managed to run so much on it last winter. (I guess I hate the cold more.)

I covered 3 miles but not very well; my knee was feeling weird. I’ll have to roll my quad some more and work on that knot (it hasn’t gone away yet) and ice and tiger balm and hope for the best. I also think that I need to be more diligent about making sure I sleep on my back. I usually wind up that way in the morning, but to fall asleep I usually have to be on my side, and I lie pressing on that knee and I don’t think it helps.

It’s funny; I’m still tracking what I eat (loosely) but while the first half of the week I was trying to impress the diary as it were, the last half I haven’t– Wednesday I went out for a burger and beer after work (and it was glorious) and yesterday I had a PB&J sandwich for lunch and my partner cooked up flank steak for dinner. So it goes with my food intake; it really does vary a lot. And I’m still not going to worry about it, as long as I’m feeling good on the whole.

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