Running in the rain

Another rainy day, and today I have no treadmill to escape the weather.  The rain stopped for a few minutes and I checked the radar– look! a hole! I might be able to get my run in before it starts again!  Unfortunately that was not the case, but the rain did give me excellent motivation not to dawdle and I made good, steady time through my 30-minute run.  (Thankfully, my armband thingie kept my phone from getting wet. I was worried.)

My knee is mostly feeling better.  In the first 5 minutes I have all the weird twinges; after that, my body sorts itself out and I don’t worry about it anymore.  I’m still foam-rolling and icing that stupid knot though!   It’s probably been there a while.

I was reading a lovely blog written by another fat runner who runs much longer distances (50k? wow!) and I might have gotten the mileage bug again.  But I can’t focus on both weight lifting and running.  I have to pick one!  And frankly it’s probably more convenient to weight lift in the summer (in the gym, AC) and run during cooler times of the year.  So I’ll put off the 10k training for a few months… and I’ll stop worrying about how far I’m running until I’m ready to tackle that seriously.

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2 Responses to Running in the rain

  1. Stacey says:

    I always loved running in the rain… got my best marathon time in a downpour :)
    Weight training and running is good stuff! I am looking forward to reading more of you blog in the future! Best of luck..

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