Useless body commentary

Tired and sore everything, hot day, slow run. But it’s done: 35 plodding minutes around the work neighborhood. On the plus side, someone had lilies of the valley blooming in their yard and they smelled very nice.

As I put my hair up in front of the mirror, a lady in the locker room commented, "Gosh, all your hard work is really paying off!" I repeated my favorite deflecting truth, "Yeah, I have lots of fun with it." I don’t know what she was talking about– she didn’t see my muscley back or my mileage log or any useful measure of fitness. My body isn’t changing on a macro level; it hasn’t in a long time. It makes me angry that this kind of body judgement is just a meaningless, throwaway thing to say; a simple, socially-lubricating white lie. It’s not constructive in any way.

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