Beautiful Friday

Today is a beautiful, fantastic day for running– it’s sunny and relatively cool and breezy. However, yesterday was not nice and I stayed home and indoors and missed my Thursday lifting workout. So, today I designed a combo: a quick round of upper body lifts, followed by a long run.

There was one man in the free weight room and he had one of each dumbbell strewn on the floor and seemed to be using all the benches (and sweating profusely all over them, too). I found a piece of equipment he wasn’t using (the EZ bar) and managed to snag a flat bench in a corner and started doing my skull crushers– and then he started using the Smith machine and hit me with the bar? It was a thing. (That bench was in a bad spot, but c’mon, the Smith machine bar’s path isn’t exactly unpredictable. Look where you’re lifting!)

After that I headed out for my run. I dialed in 40 minutes, saved some people from zombies, and logged 3 miles. Lately my runs have felt so slow and plodding! My calves are sore and everything just feels hard. Not sure what’s going wrong, I even had a proper do-nothing rest day.

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