More pacing problems

Headed out for a 35-minute run and ran out of gas after the first mile again.  It seems so nice when I’m running fast, but then I just poop out and spend the rest being a drippy miserable hot and tired mess.  Maybe I should start enforcing a slower pace? My phone only tells me how fast I’m going every 5 minutes, and it’s hard to see.

But I guess this is my strategy now: run more, don’t worry about running better. Just get out there and do it, no matter how much of a mess it is.

The pool at my complex is finally open weekdays, but it’s closed on Mondays– and that’s the day I work at home.  I guess I can shuffle my schedule around to get some swims in, either during the day or in the evening.

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3 Responses to More pacing problems

  1. Chuck says:

    Good luck! Battling some pacing issues myself lately. Not sure why all of a sudden…odd, but then, it gives me something to focus on. LOL

  2. ouizeeb says:

    I hear ya, I have experienced the same issue. I would head out and feel great the first 10 minutes, but progressively I would get slower and by the 30min mark I would be walking, and not walking quickly. :) I had to get a GPS so I could manage my pace. It helped me figure out the pace I could maintain for 30 – 45 minutes comfortably. My first GPS was kinda pricey, but I know they are more affordable then they used to be. If I don’t take the GPS now, I just start out way slower than I think is necessary for the first 10 minutes. But if I’m tired? Forget all of the above!

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