My hands hurt! I’ve given up gloves so I have a better grip on my deadlifts, which makes them less slippy and easier, but the knurling on the bar is chewing up my palms. So it goes.

Speaking of deadlifts, I added 10 more pounds so they are up to 125lb. I managed a set of 8, then a set of 6 before my hands gave out. Might need the straps; I think my back can take it. I also got 2×10@105 for squats (why are they so haaard), and 7@115,10@95 for bench press. Whee.

There’s a guy I run into sometimes at the gym who is apparently a SRS LIFTER, he loads massive amounts of weight onto things (and then walks away, but that’s a rant for another day.) He sort of eyed me as I worked around the free weight room today. After I battled through my first set of presses and J left, he asked me how long I’d been lifting that weight, and I replied not very long, a couple weeks. He wandered off after I wasn’t really interested in making conversation. I guess I’m sort of unusual; at least in the morning, there are almost never any women using the free weights (a couple use the machines sometimes). I wish there were more, I’d be happy to share the equipment!

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One Response to ZOMG SRS LIFTER

  1. Try lifting hooks for your deadlifts

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