Summer in the city

It’s another beautiful day for running outside! This summer has been awfully mild so far– and I’m not complaining at all, since the norm is steamy swampiness from May until September. (I’ve probably jinxed it now.)

40 minutes running around in the midsummer sun left me a little sunburned, though. My face, arms to the sleeveline, and the V on my chest exposed by my running shirts are nicely tan/freckled. I made a good pace today, despite picking a novel route that meant a big half mile of hill right at the beginning.

There’s an event at my work today, so I’m dressed up and– horror of horrors– I had to dry my hair and put on makeup after my workout. The blowdryer at the gym has the power of an asthmatic puppy so it took forever to take care of that, and even after my shower I was still sweating so any makeup I put on just slid right back off. This is why I usually skip the gym on days I have to look nice…

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