Very good Saturday

I woke up early today (for a weekend at least; I slept in only until 8– weekdays I’m up at 6) motivated and raring to go run!  The plan was to get out early before the sun got hot but then my partner got up and we made coffee and sat around a bit, so I didn’t hit the road until nearly 10.

The least hilly route around is along a 6-lane highway.  I usually avoid it but it turned out to be pretty nice today; traffic wasn’t too heavy and since it was a weekend there weren’t many cars turning in and out of the office parking lots along the way.  I did a loop around and back into my neighborhood for a grand total of 2.77 miles in 35 minutes.

I’m still focusing on pace at the beginning– the first 5 minutes ticked by and my app told me that I was going way too fast. I backed off some, and that worked.  The run was pretty fast overall though and not too hard, so I’m pleased.

On the way out I passed a couple walking the other direction, and at the end of my loop I ran into them again! We all laughed and I said we lapped each other.

It’s time to go to the pool now (with my new fatkini!)  I am having a very good Saturday so far. :)

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2 Responses to Very good Saturday

  1. Nice! I found when I was first starting out that it was like running through molasses to try to hold myself back for that first mile or so. However, that sense of pace will definitely develop as you keep adding distance. I just got out the door myself for the first time in 6 months today, but I only made it about a mile and a half :) Keep it up!

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    I’m too early in my running practice to worry about pace – at this point, I just focus on doing it at all! According to my app, I’m doing about a 14- or 15-minute mile, which is barely faster than I walk :-) Looking forward to the day when I can start whittling that down!

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