Hot hot summertime

More running. More heat. More pacing problems. More pooping out, hard. Argh!
I started off too fast again. It’s deceptive– I get my pace after 5 or 10 minutes and it feels easy and I say to myself, "Oh! Maybe this will be an especially good run! Maybe I am just getting faster!" And I fail at adjusting my pace.

I enabled zombie chases in my app today and evaded both mobs they threw at me. It really is fun to have an excuse to just high-tail it. Uphill, even!

I was completely soaked when I got back in– everything, even my hair, was dripping. Maybe those running tights aren’t well-suited for hot weather… they soaked up all the sweat and felt like they weighed about 5 pounds after I took them off. I need running gear that’s better for the heat; I don’t want sleeves, I don’t want anything below my knees…

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2 Responses to Hot hot summertime

  1. Tori says:

    I found these at my local Ross for $12. Though my normal pant size is more like a US 20, I can wear the XLs without any problem. Only thing is, they’re more fitted through the thigh than I think the design intends. Which, since that’s what I actually want in running gear, I don’t worry.

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