Mental blocks

J was back today so we went to the gym to lift heavy things. Since I’m only lifting 2 days a week I really shouldn’t skip days– I wind up losing a lot of progress when I do. Today’s lifts were rough!

I’m still sorting out my squat form. I was working on letting the weight come down as far as I could without my heels coming off the ground at the bottom of the lift. My ankles are so inflexible! I don’t think I quite got to parallel. It seems like the biggest hurdle with squats is in my brain, not my legs– none of my other lifts take as much psyching myself up to do, and I wind up doing the sets slowly because I have to talk myself through them. I’m sure my body can handle it; I wonder what the catch in my brain is?

My partner got one of those squeezy grip trainers. I ought to use it to help get my deadlifts going. I’m still worried about my hands though– I play piano and enjoy other activities that require manual dexterity and I’m not sure the effect that grip training will have on that.

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3 Responses to Mental blocks

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    How do you hold the bar for squats? I’ve never found a comfortable way to do it – I can’t hold enough weight in front of me, plus the balance is weird, but I’m too inflexible to do the standard behind-the-neck hold. For some reason I don’t have much mobility that direction.

    • G says:

      I use a pretty standard back squat position with the (padded) bar as low across my shoulders as I can hold it. (Neck doesn’t like the bar at all.) Try taking a nice wide grip on the bar to ease your arm sockets. It does take some getting used to, I found it uncomfortable at first too.

      For what it’s worth, I hate front squats– so hard to balance!

  2. Running and squats are Tough on the knees sometimes but worth the effort! Deadlifts are a great core exercise. For dead lifts, I sometimes alternate grips. I find that it helps me keep going when my hands fatigue. as for the knees, the Motrin is my friend!!!

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