Saturday run

All right, today was the last run to hit my little, completely arbitrary goal of running 4 times a week for 3 weeks.  And it also wraps up June with 43.2 miles.  I’ll take it!

Today’s run was a 3 mile loop up and along the busy roads.  My pace was slowed by really uncooperative traffic lights…  It wasn’t quite as humid today, so I felt like my body could actually cool itself, for once.

When I run at home I use a little handy bottle with a pouch to keep my keys in.  The bottle is great; it’s shaped so that it fits nicely in my hand with a strap so I don’t have to death-grip it while I run.  When I start running, the water in the bottle is nice and cold… but my hands are really effective radiators so after a bit the water’s warmed up to nearly body temperature and isn’t so nice.  (I drink it anyway.)

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