First swim of the year!

I finally made it over to the pool to get some lap swimming in!  I managed 20 laps in 35 minutes.  I have no idea how long the lap lane is, but I’m not trying to be competitive in any way with swimming so it doesn’t really matter… (Somehow, it’s really hard to let go of evaluating workouts, how far/how fast.  Why?)

(tw: body talk below)

I guess I always had this idea that when I was “fit” I would look a certain way.  We’re not talking like fitspo model here– maybe someday they’ll have spray-on Photoshop– but certain things about my body would be different.  My mom’s family is blessed with prominent FUPA/whatever you like to call it, and it didn’t skip me.  It’s probably my least favorite feature.  My body’s changing slowly, and my belly has gotten a little smaller.  But instead of that FUPA starting to go away, it’s just gotten… droopier.  Honestly, I’m not sure it’s an improvement.  Still, I’m working on accepting it along with the rest of me.

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