Rained out

All right, can someone turn the rain machine off here? It feels like it’s been raining for a week straight! I skipped Monday’s run because of the weather and today I looked out the window at work to see a downpour again so I decided to chuck it in and just treadmill at the gym.

It was actually a good workout; since I didn’t have to work to pace myself I just dialed it in and turned it on. 3.17 miles in a bit under 40 minutes, nothing spectacular but it was steady and good and sweaty (thanks Fan-Turning-Off Man).

My coworkers, both fit and active guys, are on restrictive diets (one’s doing Paleo, and one’s on some juicing thing). So I’m enduring endless diet talk from them. It’s sort of odd– it has a different tone than the diet talk I hear from women. They still sound kind of miserable, though; the one on the Paleo thing mentioned today that he’d kill for a bowl of rice. (Remind me not to bring rice for lunch if I value my life.)

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