Now with more sunscreen

I jumped in the pool this morning and spent 50 minutes swimming laps (30 laps).  It’s a fantastic workout, and I have to say that in this weather it’s so much nicer than running!  Obviously I’ll still be running, but the pool is a welcome change.  The lifeguards don’t know me by name yet, but I bet they will soon…

There’s something so meditative and wonderful about swimming– the rhythm of my arms and legs through the water, the way I have to hold my lap count in my brain and can’t let my mind wander too far, stroke-stroke-strokebreathe.  (If I lose track of my laps, I make myself go back to the last number I can remember!  That’s one way to keep myself focused.)  On one end of the lap lane is a hose to add water to the pool, and that side is lovely and cool so each lap has a small pleasure in it, too.

I don’t know if I’m a good swimmer, if my form is correct or if I’m fast.  (I know that I’m a strong swimmer, but that wouldn’t win a race, you know?)  It’s sort of nice not to know, in a way.  I can just concentrate on moving for a period of time and enjoy it without having to evaluate it.

Last Thursday I wound up with a pretty decent sunburn.  Who would’ve thought, nearly an hour in the pool at about noon at midsummer?! What was I doing?  Anyway, today I made sure to apply sunscreen.

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