Surprise energy

I hadn’t planned anything special for today’s run, it was going to be a 35 minute out and back but somehow it turned into a 50 minute loop around.  I’m pretty happy about that!  The first mile was fast and then I pooped out a little but I kept it going for almost 4 miles.  It helps that the weather was cooperative and I left a little earlier in the morning– the temperature wasn’t 80 yet and the dew point was only 66! It was a miracle!

Around mile 3 I felt a familiar dry flush on my face– something I recognize as my body going “hey I’m having a hard time getting cool and we’re short of water over here so I’m just giving up ok”.  (Do you all have sort of a voice for your body talking back to you? Maybe it’s just me…) And after I finished my run and came back inside I felt awfully chilled in the AC.  Strange reaction– I’m used to chill after a long run in cold weather, but it hasn’t happened when it was hot.  But I took a warm shower and now I’m drinking lots of water and I feel okay.

I passed a woman running, she was about my size! I’ve been seeing people out running in lots of sizes lately, it’s pretty great.  I’m not sure if it’s the influence of C25k or something else, but it seems like lots of folks are running, even among my friends.  It’s neat.

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2 Responses to Surprise energy

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I do have a voice for my body talking back – it sounds like Donald Sutherland, which is a bit odd.

    A few times I’ve been overheated when running. I’m not sure how I would characterize realizing it, but I think it’s something with my face: all that beet-red sweating skin starts to feel like a furnace.

    I got up too late to run today, so I’m doing pushups instead.

    • G says:

      I had to google who Donald Sutherland was– uh, that is a bit odd! Haha.

      That’s how my face feels, too– it goes from being sweaty-hot to a dry-hot. Like my body’s cooling system just chucks it in.

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