Treadmill weather

Faced with the decision between the boring treadmill and going out for a run in a cloud of steam and spitting rain, I chose the treadmill. And it was like being on vacation– the cardio room was cool and non-humid and there was a fan and it was just pleasant. It was so pleasant, in fact, that I stayed on for a solid 3.2 miles before finally deciding that was enough. I guess I’ve gotten so used to running in awful conditions that running in air conditioning feels easy!

My running shoes are starting to show a lot of wear on the soles– the forefoot/midfoot tread where I land is nearly flat. Reviews said the soles wore fast but I’m still surprised since I really haven’t put a lot of miles on, only about 92 since I got them in mid-April. Regardless, though, it turns out I’m pretty happy with them! I wasn’t sure– my first month or so with them was rocky– but the only issue I’ve had has been minor Achilles tightness. Maybe I’ll buy another pair once mine are thoroughly dead…


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I'm running while fat. And learning other fun ways to honor my body.
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2 Responses to Treadmill weather

  1. ouizeeb says:

    I had a similar experience this week. Normally I call it the dreadmill, but running inside with the air-conditioning was a really nice change from running in the humidity!

    • G says:

      It’s nice once in a while but I wouldn’t want to do it full-time! Now if only I could get an air-conditioned bubble to take around with me outside…

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