Running anyway, for no good reason

Everything hurt this morning. Especially my hips (bottoms of squats, ow) and my arches (not sure why that is, but it’s been going on for a week). Now, those are two areas that are, you know, kind of critical for running. And this morning before I went to the gym I had talked myself out of it– it’s too hot, I feel awful, the treadmill is boring, everything hurts, I’ll just do something else.

And naturally once I got there I hopped on the treadmill and ground out 3 miles. Does that make any sense? Not really. But 37 minutes my hips were still sore, but I had more mileage in the hopper too. (I wore my fancy orthotic flipflops to work, maybe that will help my arches?)

One of my fellow gym-goers had turned the TV to the Colbert Report and I spent most of my run cracking up at it. I need to check and see if that’s on every weekday at that time!

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4 Responses to Running anyway, for no good reason

  1. Foam roller!!! Hope your aches go away soon.

  2. Caitlin says:

    Oh my god, YES. Foam rollers 4 LYFE. I swear by mine. Also my new PT was like, everyone who does any sport ever should use the foam roller. So definitely look into that. You might be surprised by how much it helps.

    • G says:

      They have foam rollers at my gym so I’d been using them there, but I finally bit the bullet and got one for home too! (Amazon has them much cheaper than sporting goods stores.) It makes such a big difference! I’m sad I won’t have room to take mine on vacation.

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