Stressing over sleep

Last lifting day before ~vacation~! I decided not to work too hard. I’m allowed to do that, right? No point in beating myself up before I take off for a week. I swapped deadlifts for squats today and did shoulder presses rather than upright rows; other than that it was the same as Tuesday so nothing fancy.

After I was finished lifting I did some quick yoga, too. The feeling in my back during down dog after those shoulder presses? Awesome :) Engagement through my arms all the way down. It really is a lovely way to wrap up a lifting session; I ought to do it more often!

Do you guys stress about sleep? I do. My sleep schedule is pretty regimented; on weekdays I have a strict 10:30pm bedtime. (This is because my partner and I had different schedules and when I moved in a point of contention was sleep/wake times! We’re synced up now, though I get up 30 minutes earlier because I am slow in the morning.) But last night I went to bed about half an hour late and then I could. not. get to sleep. So I started worrying about it, which didn’t help, and then my partner was breathing loud and it was driving me crazy so I just grabbed my pillow and set up camp on the couch. I guess the change of scenery worked; I fell right asleep and woke up refreshed (thank goodness).

I feel much better, and recover much faster, with plenty of sleep– so I work really hard at making sure I get enough. But ironically, working so hard at it means I’m less likely to fall asleep if something goes wrong…

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2 Responses to Stressing over sleep

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I have all kinds of stress over sleep! Especially the night before a run, somehow that’s when I get insomnia.

    • G says:

      It’s the worst when you’re like “oh I need to get lots of sleep so I can run well in the morning!” and that keeps you from getting to sleep…

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