At least it’s better than running

I was home in the early afternoon today (preparing for ~vacation~) so I saved my workout for the pool.  When I got into the water, I found that it was just as hot as the air– I’ve had baths that were cooler than that pool, and they weren’t ice baths either. We’ve had a week of very hot days and nights to heat up the water.

And whose bright idea was it to do sprints?  Right… mine.  So.  Anyway, I went at full tilt the length of the pool and swam back normally to recover, repeating until mostly dead.  I was, however, pretty surprised at how quickly I could cover that length!  Well, it felt fast, anyway.

But no matter how tough the workout was, and how tepid the water was… it was better than running.

The other day on tumblr, Caitlin mentioned that a second person had finished the Oceans Seven channel-swimming challenge.  (Actually, today’s googling to grab the link tells me that a third person has just finished it as well!)  What an amazing accomplishment!  I am in awe of these long-distance swimmers, and a little bit inspired by them too.  I doubt I could ever swim 26 miles in open water, but wouldn’t it be incredible to train for it and try?

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