No good, very bad run

I was bursting with fidgets today so I figured today’s run might be a nice, energetic one like the one I did last week on vacation.  Unfortunately, that was not the case…

As soon as I started off, I felt awful.  Mostly I felt like I couldn’t get my lungs inflated all the way– it was a strange thing, usually I can take nice deep breaths but breathing shallowly was killing me and making running really hard.  Add on to that mild dehydration and discomfort from some digestive issues and it was no good overall.  I cut my run short, heading home early for a total of 18 minutes and about 1.5 miles.

Hopefully whatever this is* goes away promptly.  Today, I’ll just say “I tried”, collect my gold star, and try again next time.

* I got stung by a bee while I was on vacation (sorry bee, you were hanging out on my kayak where I put my elbow :( )  I’m not allergic but I’ve been having a strong inflammation reaction to this, so maybe it’s associated?  Wild-ass guess here…

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2 Responses to No good, very bad run

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Balance is restored in the universe, because I had a pretty good run today. HOWEVER: I’m having the same problem with breathing – it almost feels like I have a touch of asthma. The way you describe not being able to get your lungs inflated is exactly how it feels. I’m wondering if it’s pollen. There’s always SOMETHING going on with trees, grass, or weeds. Or, maybe just air quality, I haven’t thought to look at the advisories, although I don’t remember seeing any ozone-alert days.

    • G says:

      Hooray for good runs! Maybe it’s something in the air; I’d skipped my allergy pill too. I don’t know much about asthma, but I’ve heard it described the other way round, as hard to exhale? Regardless, I hope it passes and we both breathe easy from here on out!

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