DOMS: A love-hate relationship

It’s mostly hate, really. Ow! Everything hurts, especially my serratus and all the muscles attached to my hips. But the soreness does let me know that yes, I worked many muscles in ways they weren’t accustomed to and at levels that challenged them– so in a way, it’s good. Please remind me of that at 3pm when I have a hard time standing up from my desk chair. (Working standing up for as long as I can today, to avoid that!)

Since I was so sore, I decided to skip my typical run and instead do 20 minutes on the hamster wheel/elliptical and then some yoga to get my blood moving. When I was getting dressed, one of the locker room ladies asked if I was running outside, and I replied that I wasn’t– and she gave me a hard time about it! If I was feeling snappier, I would’ve said, "Listen lady, I’m doing what’s right for my body today. Mind your own workout."

NRoL4W stresses recovery– get plenty of fuel to rebuild hard-worked muscles and plenty of rest to give them time to rebuild. Eating lots of protein is encouraged, for obvious reasons. I went to the grocery store yesterday and stocked up on Greek yogurt, beans, meat, fish. I wonder how much I can cram into my meals? Lunch today is a big ol’ kale salad with beans and my favorite tahini dressing, yogurt and a blob of jam, and fruit. Combined with my pea protein (bleh) fruit smoothie in the morning that gets me to… 71g so far. The book recommends 1g/lb body weight– seriously? I’m supposed to eat over 200g of protein a day? That will never happen…

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7 Responses to DOMS: A love-hate relationship

  1. Caitlin says:

    People really need to mind their own business.

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    I’m totally not sure about this, but maybe the recommendation is 1g per pound of lean muscle mass? I think I’ve seen it expressed that way someplace or other.

    Can’t believe someone felt free to criticize how/where/when you run! As Miss Manners says, “That’s none of your business” is always an acceptable reply, in any social situation :-)

    • G says:

      I read it twice– 1g/lb. (There might have been some after text about what ‘severely obese’ people should do, but I tend to have sudden attacks of illiteracy when I see stuff like that.)

      • Gingerzingi says:

        I’m currently trying a high fat/low carb diet, and frankly I can’t imagine eating that much fat either! Today’s stats will probably end up with about 70g each of fat, protein, and carb* – how in the world can someone eat 200g of just protein? That’s my entire food for the day, combined.

        *I’m way off my carb goal today because I’m having BEER.

  3. G says:

    Gingerzingi, as far as I’m concerned, beer is the #1 reason to throw any sort of dietary restrictions to the wind. :)

    I’ve been tracking the past few days (ick) and somehow I’ve managed to get at least 150g each day. Ain’t room for much carbs in there (I’m full, how can I eat them?) but I’ve had plenty of fruit/veg so the ratio’s wound up being around 40/30/30. I don’t think I can make it to 200g without heroic effort (that seems so weird, thinking I need to eat more) but this feels pretty sustainable with thoughtful eating.

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