Pushing through

Guess what– I’m still sore. Like "movement, ow" levels of sore. I seriously thought about postponing today’s workout until tomorrow, but finally decided to just do it– gently, of course, but just to see what I could handle. The plan is structured to start with low resistance/high reps and move through higher resistance/fewer reps to higher resistance/higher reps. In that regard I cheated a little; I kept the load the same (except rows, which I increased) and did the fewer reps. I figured this was okay, since apparently I overdid the loads on Tuesday! Happily, it feels like my body’s already adapting and it wasn’t as hard.

For the first time ever, gym staff offered me form tips. (I exist!) A staff member came over and watched me doing squats, then asked if I wanted some advice. (Yes, please!) He said that I was getting my butt down low enough but I was tending to bend forward on the way back up, and he said that if I look up at the ceiling that would help me to keep my back straighter. I’ll give it a try next time. I hope it helps! That’s something I’ve tried to correct on my own but when I start to get tired I fall forward.

A few weeks ago I was doing triangle pose and I felt my right hip go sort of ‘clunk’ and it was uncomfortable– definitely a new feeling there, sort of bone-on-bone. I adjusted the pose and it was okay, but ever since that hip’s been weird; I notice it every once in a while. I noticed it today doing step-ups too. I’m a little worried, but I’ll let it rest over the weekend and stretch it gently and see what happens.

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7 Responses to Pushing through

  1. I’m rebuilding my strength routine & want to focus on my upper body & exercises to strengthen my running. Any suggestions?

    • G says:

      What equipment do you have access to? (Gym, home gym, dumbbells, etc) And how much experience do you have with strength training?

  2. TriMATHlete says:

    I really appreciate your focus on gently moving, changing, and improving. As a (very) heavy non-athlete with a high pain tolerance, I injured myself many times over the years as I attempted to “get into shape”. Now, I’m becoming a more and more firm believer in moderate exercise, “gentle nutrition”, and LISTENING TO YOUR BODY in everything that you do. I appreciate reading this, which reaffirms these things that I am learning through my own experience.

    • G says:

      Thank you! I have a pretty high pain tolerance as well, so I understand the urge to push our bodies far beyond what we should. In yoga there’s a concept that we should meet our bodies “where they’re at” every time we practice and I try to apply that everywhere. Good luck!

  3. Navygrrl says:

    I know you posted this almost a year ago, but a friend just directed me to your blog because I’ve started lifting as well. I’m going to take the tip you got about the squats and use it today, because I’ve been doing the same thing.

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