Humbled by B1

So, I think of myself as a fairly strong person with good endurance. I can run 5k, I can squat and deadlift and benchpress respectable amounts of weight. So why are these NRoL4W workouts consistently kicking my ass? (I suspect the reason why is because they are designed to do just that.)

I did a Stage 1 B1 workout today, which is deadlifts, shoulder presses, lat pulldowns, lunges and crunches. None of these are new to me. A few weeks ago I was deadlifting 10x125lb, so why was my grip failing at 15x95lb? (15! Darn that 15.) I started my lunges with 15lb in each hand, did 10, about fell over. (I was supposed to do 15.) The next set I revised the weight to 10lb and it was just not happening, so I put the weights away and finally did a challenging 15 with just my body weight. Sigh. Quads, I thought you were so strong! What are you doing.

At least the crunches were easy– I’m used to doing 40 with a 15lb kettlebell at my chin, and the set called for 8. Just 8. I’m going to have to hold a 25lb plate over my head to make 8 hard.

To top it all off, I had the brilliant idea that, after I was done lifting, I would go run a bit. (Not a lot, just a reasonable amount, 2 miles…) I hopped on the treadmill and my quads quickly notified me that this was a bad thing. I hobble-ran about a half mile before finally giving up. Stupid, but I miss running. I’m always too sore to run.

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