Tiny, precious run

I ran some today! It wasn’t a good run, because my quads and glutes are awfully sore. (And my trapezius, and my lats…) But I am cherishing this hard-won 2 miles on the treadmill. (Preceded by 5 minutes on the elliptical, followed by a nice long cooldown and some amazing stretching.)

I’m not sure what made it so hard; the muscle soreness sucked but I’m also worried that I’m losing my running conditioning. It’s hard to say when my body is far from fresh and rested. I won’t be making any running progress for a while– that’s a choice I made when I started this program.

Honest question: is there locker room etiquette about orphaned products left lying around? Yesterday and today there was a hair product sitting on the sink that I’ve wanted to try a bit of. I’m sure it belongs to someone though since it’s a nice product. Oh well. (I think I’m influenced by having lived 2 years in a student co-op in college; anything not labeled as belonging to someone was considered ‘guff’ and free for anyone to use. Note to self: guff does not exist outside co-ops!)

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