Here there be whining

You know how usually I like to cheerlead myself after a cruddy run, at least I made it out the door and it’s done? I’m having a hard time with even that one today. The run itself wasn’t that terrible I guess, but I felt poopy before and I feel more poopy after and I expect to feel even poopier later.

It’s hot and humid and my period is due to kick in any minute now and all I had left to wear were those stupid riding up shorts.  My guts hurt and my head hurts and I walked a lot.  My right knee is weird, probably because I was running weird trying to avoid my shorts migrating.  But it was a run, 3o minutes of dragging myself along.

Luckily things should brighten up in a day or two, and the exercise today should help the fidgets and the fog.

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2 Responses to Here there be whining

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I love whining. Whine as much as you want! That’s what blogs are for.

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