Hoping for a miracle (or rather, trying not to)

Workout B3 today. I know it’s B3 because I now have a cute little notebook for writing down my workouts, rather than scraps of paper shoved into my gym bag. Now I just have to remember to bring the notebook with me.

More little bumps today; nothing was too tough. Actually, I think the lifts were Just Right– by the end of the sets I was tired and telling myself "I’m so happy this is done" but it didn’t take a heroic effort to get there. (I appreciate being able to make the distinction, now.) Even lunges were okay– I did the first set of 12 with 5lb in each hand, and the second set with 8lb. It’s good to know that in a week my body can easily adapt to an unfamiliar exercise.

I haven’t been especially good with managing my expectations about NRoL4W. It’s strange… it’s packaged like a miracle, you know, just like every diet or fitness regimen. "You’ve been doing your diet and fitness all wrong! Lift like THIS and eat like THIS and you too can look like the lady on the front of the book!" (Of course, the lady on the front of the book is a Fitness Professional; looking like that is part of her job.) And, me being me, I keep waiting for the miracle. I do expect to get stronger; however, I have no reason to expect that the appearance or size of my body will change any significant amount. Why would this time be different? But that doesn’t keep me from secretly hoping.

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2 Responses to Hoping for a miracle (or rather, trying not to)

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    That is EXACTLY how I approach every diet or fitness plan. I try not to hope, but secretly I do.
    Given that I’ve been living a lifestyle that SHOULD cause fat loss and strength gains for, oh, the last ten years, and yet I haven’t lost any weight, I do hope for that “one weird secret” that’s finally going to get results. Other times I think, If what I’ve been doing hasn’t worked, nothing will.

    It’s hard to accept that I’m probably going to be fat – significantly fat – for the rest of my life. But if I can’t control that (which apparently I can’t) then I have to settle for being as fit as possible. I hate the way being fat has affected me mentally and emotionally; I’m trying to counteract at least its physical effects on me. I won’t let the fat win! :-)

    • G says:

      My philosophy is centered on the idea of fat acceptance– that my body is good no matter its size. I don’t seek out weight loss, and I pursue a practical goal of becoming stronger and faster and having better endurance and flexibility, rather than an aesthetic goal of changing what I look like.

      But you know, I’m always marinating in this culture and I spent years hating my body and wishing it was different. Old habits die hard.

      I write posts like this because I try to be honest about the places my brain goes.

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