Workout A4. (I swear I did A4 already? But not according to my log…) Kept things steady weightwise, but added some challenge to pushups and stepups by changing the number of ‘bumps’. For the platform, I use this sort of Step Lego contraption with a variable number of risers. Fewer risers (‘bumps’) for pushups, more for stepups. As usual, it was a butt-kicking workout.

NRoL4W recommends a protein shake after a workout, but I’ve never really been into that; usually I have some of whatever snack I’ve brought for the day (nuts, M&Ms, etc) and eat lunch in about an hour. Since I lifted early today, though, lunch is a long ways away so I ate some yogurt with honey. It is full of protein, actually!

Two people at the gym asked about my lifting today; one was my coworker, and one was my locker room buddy. I explained the focus on compound lifts to my coworker as he did bicep curls. (Hopefully he didn’t take it as criticism!) And my locker room buddy is curious about starting to lift weights; she does a lot of cardio but would like to be stronger. I didn’t evangelize in either case– I didn’t even mention the name. Gym evangelists drive me a little batty so I try not to do that…

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