Treadmill 5k

The weather outside is gray and threatening rain and it’s humid and hazy but mostly I just didn’t want to run in the swampiness so I stayed indoors and treadmilled. 40 minutes and 5k later I was all done and went to stretch– and I realized that my everything hurt. I battled through the running but once I was finished all my muscles said "why you do?" So I stretched as well as I was able and I have an appointment with the foam roller this evening.

I’ve been worried that I’m out of condition for running but I guess I’m okay; no problems today aside from sore muscles. Of course, the sore muscles have nothing at all to do with running! Tomorrow I have plans to wash my car (and help with my partner’s car). Hopefully I can handle it…

My course of antibiotics is done and now I have probiotics to take to try to undo the damage. I’m usually not about unproven remedies, but my good friend the health writer who is even more skeptical did a bunch of research for her last post-antibiotic recovery and decided to take them. Hopefully the ones I picked out have good efficacy; they cost $30…

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