Sports bra issues

Hooray! It’s a beautiful day today and I went out for a run.  The sun was strong but there was a nice cool breeze and the humidity was low.  I finished up at 30 minutes and 2.3 miles with no stopping to walk (though I did have to stop once to cross a street).  The trick seems to be to run much more slowly than I think I should.  (This is apparently a lesson that I have to re-learn every time I run.)

Lots of people were out today– I passed/was passed by 3 runners and a biker.  That’s pretty unusual; maybe it was because I went out later in the morning?

My sports bras are showing their age and I’m looking into replacing them, but I have a dilemma.  When I was fitted for  it (the Moving Comfort Fiona) the salesperson recommended either a 36 or 38 band; I bought a 36 and immediately had to wear it on the smallest hook.  (I later bought 2 more with the same fit.)  It’s worked fine but the elastic is finally wearing out so I’m debating getting a 34– but I’m wearing the largest cup size they offer, so I’m afraid that part of the bra will be smaller as well.    Maybe I’ll just go to my Local Running Store and try it on.  (Will they believe me when I ask for a 34?  We shall see.  This store isn’t having the best track record with me.)

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2 Responses to Sports bra issues

  1. Tori says:

    (Assuming Moving Comfort sizes like everyone else, yes, a 34F cup, for example, will be one cup volume smaller than would a 36F.)

    • G says:

      Well, it’s a compression bra so I have no idea how it would work! What does “36DD” mean in that context, when there’s no cup to fill only enough fabric to cover and smush into place? Who knows :)

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