Another set…?

Workout A5 today. I didn’t realize it was 3 sets of 10, not 2! It kicked my butt in a spectacular way, but I battled through all the sets with increased resistance. J and I were joking that there must be a gravitational anomaly under the gym building– everything felt extra heavy.

I’ve always worn my minimalist shoes for weight lifting– especially for lifts like squats, I like having my feet feeling the floor. However, I’m realizing that for some of these compound lifts–stepups and lunges– I would like more foot support. Especially lunges– my toes wind up bending uncomfortably far in super-flexible shoes.

The soundtrack at the gym today was 80s rock– or as I like to call it, misogyny rock. I was ready to nuke Van Halen from orbit, and did anyone ever stop to ask Jessie’s Girl how she felt about that whole situation?

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