Just say no to yoga (for today)

Okay, before you guys give me a hard time for the inflammatory title: I like doing yoga! A lot! But the practice I chose just wasn’t working for me today, so I gave myself permission to stop and just rest today.

I really wanted to get some nice yoga times in– stew was started for dinner so I had some downtime. I put my mat down and my favorite youtube yoga practice on and got started with some nice sun salutations.  The first clue that maybe it wasn’t working was that my forearms weren’t standing up to down dog; my arms and wrists hurt.  The standing forward fold and half forward fold felt wonderful on my sore back and legs, but as I moved through warrior 1 and 2 and side angle it became clear that my quads and hips were not up for another 30 minutes of the same.  So, I turned off the video, finished up the second side, and called it a day.

Maybe tomorrow my body will feel better and I can try again.

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