Wish fulfillment

Happy Labor Day to my USian readers! I hope you’re enjoying the holiday. Today I took the very last chance to do something I’ve wanted to do all summer: yoga, then a run, then a nice soak in the pool. It was just as wonderful as I’d hoped.

The run was shortish, hot and slow; I waited until midday so the sun was bearing down. I didn’t make good time, but that was quickly forgotten after I got home and changed into my bathing suit and walked next door to the pool.

I dove in and just floated around. (I’m pretty buoyant. :) Maybe I’m just not suited for land at all?) The water was cool and nice and everything was perfect.

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4 Responses to Wish fulfillment

  1. ouizeeb says:

    I’m envious, I can not swim. I’ve taken lessons as an adult twice, I find it so terrifying!
    I’m also envious that you are so active! I’m still working on getting my mojo back. ;)

    • G says:

      Thanks! I’m lucky that I really enjoy the activity I do, and I’ve been at it long enough that the habits are well established. Is there anything you’ve always wanted to try out? Dance, power lifting, ice skating…? Might be a place to go looking for the mojo, something new to get fired up about!

      • ouizeeb says:

        I thought I had replied… oops, still learning about the blogosphere. :) And yes, definitely exploring different options now to try and get excited again. Found out part of my issue was a vitamin D deficiency, made me sluggish. I’m doing more yoga and just started at a bootcamp-style gym for women only. I’m not there yet, but I do look forward to the new workouts.

  2. G says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! :) I hope the new gym is fun.

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