Barely B6

I wasn’t so sure I was going to make it to the gym this morning– I was very sore yesterday. But I went to bed an hour early, and in the morning downed 2 cups of coffee and a couple cookies for extra vroom. And with heroic effort I made it through all of B6, though now I feel sort of dizzy and fuzzy and depleted. I would like a nap now, thanks.

Bumped deadlifts up to 125lb today– had to put it down in the third set for a bit and let my hands rest. Other than that, it was okay– it seems like getting myself psyched up to lift the bar off the rack is the hardest part! And I managed 3 good solid sets of lunges with 10lb in each hand, somehow– but man, my legs and hips are done.

I asked the gym staff to show me how the fancy stretching contraption worked, and they demonstrated and helped me do it. However, it didn’t stretch my quad for poop, so I’ll have to settle for standing quad stretches and low lunge with held foot (both of which I kind of hate). Quads, why do you give me such a hard time?

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