A happy place for running and lifting

Just a little recovery run today, 2.4mi in 32 minutes. These runs are completely un-spectacular and I suppose that’s the point: slow and steady and nothing too hard so I can go back into the weight room tomorrow and deadlift and lunge without excessive soreness in my legs. I’m glad I’ve found a happy place where I can both run and lift.

I went outside, despite the steaminess. It wasn’t so bad; the weather people were calling for 100 degrees today but it’s not too hot yet, just sticky. Let me say for the record, however, that I am looking forward to fall, despite my leaf-litter allergies. I want cool weather!

I’m a big fan of a couple ibuprofen before bed when I’m sore, but the past couple days I’ve been on 600mg, 4 times a day for something else. I’m trying to judge if it helps a lot (not that I would stay on that dose, just for my own curiosity) but it’s hard to tell. I haven’t been as sore for the past couple weeks of lifting, as my body adjusts. (Honestly, the #1 reason I don’t want to keep taking it is because I haven’t been able to have a beer– the meds are stressing my liver enough!)

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