Straps against fear

Workout B7 today! One more week to go! I am excited but pretty daunted– many of the exercises aren’t ready for bumping up from what I can see, maybe I’ll keep them level.

I added another 10 pounds to my deadlifts today, bringing it to 135lb. I did 5 of the first set of 8 and my hands said "no way". But then I remembered that my lifting straps were in my locker so I got them and put them on and found that I could easily manage the 8 reps. The relief that I felt was the strangest thing– I never realized how anxious I am about dropping the bar when I do deadlifts. Strapped up, my hands weren’t going to slip and I could focus on lifting the weight without worrying.

My calves are sore from yesterday, which usually means that it’s about time for new running shoes. I’ve been abusing my current shoes by using them for lifting as well, so I ought to check online and see if I can get a pair of my shoes before they turn the models over for the year…

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