Pleasingly muscular arms

My everything hurts today. I guess the lifting I did yesterday worked! I went to the gym without any plan but to baby myself, and spent 35 minutes on the elliptical at an easy, steady pace. That warmed me up well enough to finish off with some nice yogas, though it took me a few iterations of the half sun salute to relax my hamstrings enough that I could touch my toes and go on with the sequence.

Last weekend my partner took a picture of my friend and me in our renaissance festival best. When I looked at the picture, I was surprised to see that my arms looked strong, with lots of muscle definition. It was very pleasing, more than I would have expected. Remember back in the day when I was worried that my forearms were getting too "bulky"? Never mind! I like it, actually, and I think I’ll lay that worry to rest.

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3 Responses to Pleasingly muscular arms

  1. So which way to the beach? ;-)

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