Reluctant yoga

I didn’t know what sort of activity to do with myself today, only that I wanted to do some.  I’m at home, so it was running or yoga.  From long experience, I know that if I haven’t gotten out the door by noon I’m probably not going to make it out for a run, so yoga won (at around 4pm).

I used to sort of passable at yoga (I mean, as much as anyone can be “good” at something defined by continual improvement, not static achievement).  I’ve fallen away from practicing regularly, though, and I am no longer able to do some of the things I used to find easy.  I went back to my favorite practice and nearly threw in the towel after 10 minutes– it was so hard and everything felt awkward!  But after a while I settled in and found my groove.

One place that I found surprising improvement today was in balance poses.  Tree, Warrior 3, Half-moon? No problem!  I suppose strengthening all those other muscles is helpful after all!

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