A8 in the bag!

Today I was comforted by the fact that today was my Last Workout A EVER. (Well, minus the special AMRAP next week. But that doesn’t count.) It was a comfort because today’s workout was dang hard and I was sorely tempted to fall over.

Thank goodness for the teeny 2.5lb plates! I bumped squats just a tiny bit, up to 120lb, and did my 3 sets, burning a ton of willpower in the process. I increased rows to 82.5lb (! only 2 plates away from maxing the machine, really?) and the rest stayed the same. Next week I’ll post a full recap of my progress over the first stage.

Step-ups on my left leg are way easier than step-ups on my right. I wonder if that’s because of my hip weirdness on the right side? Maybe something isn’t helping the movement the way it ought to.

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