Unneeded approval

Recovery run today, another ~2.4 mi in ~31 minutes. I’m afraid it’s the time of year when I start kicking myself for not buying a running jacket in the summer when they were on sale– it was barely 50 degrees this morning, which is lovely, but I needed a jacket to start so I used my light cotton hoodie. It worked fine, but it quickly became soggy. I shucked it off after 15 minutes anyway.

Everything was sore, in turn: first my calves and feet, then my hips/glutes/back, then my quads. Finally, with about 10 minutes to go, things stopped hurting and I finished up the run fine.

It seems like everyone wanted to express their approval of my running this morning. Cars at stop lights, cars coming out of parking garages, passing pedestrians. Funny thing is, I don’t really care about their approval, nor do I want to hear it either. I understand that not everyone agrees on this– some people thrive on outside validation– but for me, I’m not doing it for anyone but myself, and the only opinion that matters is mine. (Though kind comments from loved ones and friends are welcome! But strangers with who-knows-what agendas can stuff it.)

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